lingering patterns that

interfere with the quality

of our daily living

Deepening Awareness

Sessions with Yossi

My name is Yossi Beeri.

I offer a safe, gentle space where challenges can be explored and supported in a non-pathologizing way that facilitates learning, growth, and integration.

My interest is to be a useful guide to you in rediscovering your innate grounding, wisdom, and resilience.

I have been immersed in the subject of healing for over 20 years. My focus and training include Sensory Awareness, Gestalt Awareness Practice, and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Reduce emotional suffering and expand your sense of self

Learn effective ways to experience and respond to difficult emotions, reducing the tendency to react, ruminate, or collapse.

Identify, digest and recover from old wounds, inaccurate beliefs and expectations regarding yourself and others.

Explore your sense of self beyond your history, preferences, and current life circumstances.

"Yossi is a remarkable practitioner, listener and guide. His spiritual and psychological acumen are surpassed only by his compassion and insight. For years he has helped me patiently, curiously explore everything from slow, subtle sensations in my body to explosive, emotional turbulence and fragmentation. In the years I've received support from Yossi my life has transformed. It has shifted from one characterized by episodic major depression to a one that feels rewarding, secure and full of blessings. His stable and supportive presence has had a powerfully healing influence in my life."

~ Lisa G.

"I have been a somatic psychotherapist for over 30 years, both as a group leader at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA and in private practice. I have known and worked with Yossi for much of that time and can warmly recommend anyone who is interested in Somatic Sensory Awareness to avail themselves of the opportunity to experience his remarkable skill, knowledge and expertise in this area of personal inquiry."

~ Ken Robins

By accessing our felt sense, instead of the habitual neural networks of thinking, narrating, interpreting and problem-solving, we regain the ability to deal with difficult feelings in a safe, manageable, and illuminating manner.

Places in us begin to feel recognized, seen, and valued. They are no longer dismissed, neglected and isolated. They are happily relieved of carrying pain, despair, fear and distress all on their own.

This way of tending ourselves facilitates access to a greater intelligence within us as we navigate and meet life's challenges. We become more present, embodied, and relational, with greater clarity, ease, creativity, and empowerment.

If you resonate and find these concepts appealing, you are very welcome to reach out and schedule some time to explore these possibilities within yourself.

Learn how to connect with your felt sense experience